30% OFF Black Friday: 7 Must Haves From Shelfies

30% OFF Black Friday: 7 Must Haves From Shelfies

30% OFF Black Friday: 7 Must Haves From Shelfies

Black Friday is a blackhole. It is a day when all morals get sucked away, all expectations of civility are darkened. But at Shelfies, an all-over-print clothing company, we’ll keep you smiling with 30% off. With deals this good, you’d be bad if you didn’t get any full print items.

1. These Emoji Pillows

Emoji Pillow Shelfies

You'll be 😒 or 👻  if you don't buy these plush emoji pillows. Instead, blast off like an 👽 .

2. This Custom Sweater

Custom Face Shelfies

Imagine if you had a twin. Or a triplet. Or a infinituplet. This custom sweater from Shelfies is the closest you can get.

3. This Moosin' Trudeau Sweater

Justin Trudeau Sweater

It's been a year since the heart-throb Trudeau has been elected. He's been amoosin' at best. This Justin Trudeau sweater from Shelfies is a perfect capture of this rugged, shirtless man.

4. This 1-800-HOHOHO Sweater

Drake Christmas Sweater

You used to call me a better meme, but you're still a dreee-aaam tooo me. And this Drake ugly christmas sweater from Shelfies is still hot and worth the bling.

5. This Hamburger Cat Sweater

Hamburger Cat Sweater

If I fits, I sits. If I eats, eye meats. Finally, the two come together in this hamburger cat sweater from Shelfies.

6. These Pickles T-Shirt + Shorts Combo

You're in a pickle. You need something for Black Friday that shows your love for dill. We got you with these pickles t-shirt and shorts combo from Shelfies.

7. This Pizza Jumpsuit

Pizza Jumpsuit

You are not what you eat - instead, you wear what you eat. This pizza jumpsuit from Shelfies is you are your best (and warmest, like a real pizza).


Black Friday need not be black - it can be green because at Shelfies, you'll save up to 40% off on the all over print items you need.