Siri Sass Message Custom Clothing

$46.99 CAD

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Siri's got sass and she's not afraid to show it. What's your favourite sassy Siri line? Let us know your sassy line, we'll do all the design magic and within no time you'll have a real clothing item.

  1. Please leave a note with the Siri Sass you would like us to include.
  2. Within 24 hours of your order being placed, we will send you a computer generated mockup for your approval.
  3. Once approved, we'll start production of the product. We do not start producing it until we have confirmation from you the design is perfect, so let us know as soon as you get the email.

Even after weeks in the sun or washing, the prints will never lose colour or fade. Unlike other printing methods, ours is printed directly into the fabric, resulting in ever-lasting vibrant prints that never peel or fade printed on the front and back - all-over!

The material depends on the clothing item selected, all items are a blend of polyester and cotton, or spandex for crop tops.

Produced in 20-25 business days after approval