Introducing Seven Sexy Shelfies Miniskirts

Introducing Seven Sexy Shelfies Miniskirts

Introducing Seven Sexy Shelfies Miniskirts

At Shelfies, we try to shake up all-over-print fashion. From being the only store to sell emoji pillows like the ghost emoji pillow to sourcing some of the numerous colourful, vibrant designs, we constantly do what hasn’t been done in full-print before. This time, it’s miniskirts.

The Shelfies headquarters in Canada might be cold and wintery, but our miniskirts are on fire. Made from soft, non-irritating polyester, the designs both on the front and back never wash out or peel. Moreover, they shake as you do - stretching, flexing, and forming over whatever body type and activity you’ll be grooving on about.

Here are some of our favourites, just in time for the holiday season (or you know, the Australian heat). These miniskirts are us at our max!

1. Alienz Miniskirt

Alienz Miniskirt

It’s probably true that we aren’t alone in the Universe. But it’s even truer that in this Alienz Miniskirt by Shelfies, you won’t be universally alone. Most will ask if it comes in pieces (and it does: here’s a matching tank top).

2. Avocado Miniskirt

Avocado Miniskirt

Sometimes you just need to do some avocardio. Other times, you just need to avocuddle. This Avocado Miniskirt will help you do both.

3. Bacon Miniskirt

Bacon Miniskirt

At Shelfies, we care about your health. That’s why we want to give you bacon without all the responsibility of the oils and digestion. This all-over-print Bacon Miniskirt is a delicious, healthy alternative to the real stuff. It’s also gluten free.

4. Blood Splatter Miniskirt

Bloodsplatter Miniskirt

So, she’s your type. She likes to laugh, likes the colour red, and she reminds you to B+. Bloody hell - get her this Blood Splatter Miniskirt from Shelfies already.

5. Booty Invasion Miniskirt

Booty Invasion Miniskirts

Butt why not? Need I har-ass you anymore? This Booty Invasion Miniskirt says it all while “rocking everywhere.”

6. Burger Miniskirt

Burger Miniskirt

“Don’t eat that,” they’ll say. Goes straight to your thighs. And yes, good, great - this is exactly what you want. To hurry up the process, we brought the food to your legs with this all-over-print Burger Miniskirt.

7. Constellations Miniskirt

Constellations Miniskirt

You are just stardust sitting on a rock that spins around an expanding universe that one day won’t be. Woah. That’s a lot, but hey at least these stars on our Constellations Miniskirt look pretty.


All-over-print fashion never stops (in fact, that’s the point - it’s continuous)! At Shelfies, we know you’ll like our miniskirts that’ll keep your bottom at the very top of fashion.