Holy Moly: Justin Trudeau in Shelfies

Holy Moly: Justin Trudeau in Shelfies

Holy Moly: Justin Trudeau in Shelfies

This just in: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has worn another Shelfies all-over-print sweater! He was spotted on Christmas day wearing the "Happy Birthday Jesus" sweater! 

Justin Trudeau Shelfies
It isn’t the first time dreamy met seamy. He’s been an active supporter of all-over-print from Shelfies. In particular, Justin Trudeau has worn the “Dreamy Trudeau Sweater” after meeting CEO Nicholas Montgomery. Here’s a picture of him signing the sweater.

Dreamy Trudeau Signing
He did it with another Shelfies fan. We imagine the moment was was like signing a constitution.

Dreamy Trudeau Sweater

But this time, Justin Trudeau was among the many celebrities who have worn Shelfies. This moment was equally special because he wore it with his brother Pierre Trudeau, both of whom were born on Christmas day. It is no small miracle, then, that they both wore the “Happy Birthday Jesus” sweater.

It was a present for us, and we hope that Justin Trudeau wearing the all-over-print Shelfies sweater thinks the same! We know reddit did! They loved him in the outrageous print, with some people even wishing happy birthday to the man.

Next Christmas, wear your Shelfies with pride knowing it was blessed by the man himself: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau!

Maybe if you ask nicely, he’ll leave some presents (or some holy tax credits) to keep the holidays merry and happy. Until next year, have a great, smiling, Shelfies-themed birthday Justin and Pierre Trudeau.