Stocking Stuffers: Ten Ugly Christmas Sweaters & Holidays Deadlines

Stocking Stuffers: Ten Ugly Christmas Sweaters & Holidays Deadlines

Stocking Stuffers: Ten Ugly Christmas Sweaters & Holidays Deadlines

Even Santa has a timeline. So do the elves at Shelfies. We want to make sure you get your all-over-print Shelfies items on time, in happiness, and with smiles at the speed of the delivery. 

To make sure the ribbon is tied and the gifts are placed under the tree (or, perhaps you just got a different kind of tree sweater), here are our holiday deadlines:

  • On custom orders, have your orders by November 19th
  • For made-to-order items, buy by November 28th
  • For ready-to-ship items, purchase by December 8th 

If you're wondering what will make you the talk of the dinner table, here are ten great ugly christmas sweaters

1. Filthy Animal Sweater

Ya Filthy Animal Christmas Sweater

No need to be home alone this holidays. Instead, wear this nearly-knitted "Filthy Animal" Sweater from Shelfies

2. Happy Llamakkah Sweater

Hanukkah Sweater

Not celebrating Christmas? No prob-llama. Here are to the 8 crazy in this warm, cozy Hanukkah Sweater from Shelfies. 

3. 1-800-HOHOHO Sweater

Drake Christmas Sweater

You used to call me a better meme, but you're still a dreee-aaam tooo me. And this Drake ugly christmas sweater from Shelfies is still hot and worth the bling.

4. Happy Birthday Sweater

Happy Birthday Jesus Sweater

Let's not forget what we're celebrating this year: the eventual memes and jokes that are born in a new year. Say happy birthday with this ugly Christmas Sweater. 

5. Stranger Xmas Sweater

Stranger Xmas Sweater

You'll certainly see stranger things this Christmas, but this Stranger Xmas Sweater will be sure not to disappear. Instead, it'll make a great showing. 

6. Single and Ready To Jingle Sweater

Single and Ready to Jingle

Don't worry about your past putting the X in Xmas. You're great. And with this Single and Ready To Jingle ugly Christmas Sweater, everyone will know that you are a present yourself (including grandma). 

7. Weed Santa Sweater

Weed Santa Sweater

Lighting up the Christmas tree is always special, particularly if it's evergreen. Shelfies's Weed Santa Sweater celebrates this toke-n tradition. 

8. All I Want For Xmas Are Gains Sweater

All I Want for Xmas Are Gains Sweater

At Shelfies, we 'miring. We want you to rip (and be ripped) these holidays. Here's an ugly Christmas sweater that will lift you up (though, you could always add more weight later): All I Want For Xmas Are Gains Sweater.

9. Feel The Joy Sweater + Leggings Combo

Feel The Joy Sweater and Leggings Combo

Sometimes, you just need a helping hand when Christmas busy-ness is abreast upon you. Don't sweat; Shelfies is herewith the Feel The Joy Sweater and Leggings Combo to ensure that you do it, all of it, this season. 

10. Santa Belly Sweater

Santa Belly Sweater

You gotta' look the part to feel the part, and why not be as jolly as the big man himself? Buckle up for cookies and milk with this Santa Belly Sweater. 


There are many ugly Christmas sweaters you can choose from, so hurry because like winter, the deadlines are coming fast!