Bagging your Bags in Bags: Shelfies All-Over-Print Baggage

Bagging your Bags in Bags: Shelfies All-Over-Print Baggage

Bagging your Bags in Bags: Shelfies All-Over-Print Baggage

If you’re reading this, chances are you already have a closet full of Shelfies all-over-print clothing and accessories. We are the same (and not just because we work here). It’s hard to pick between the Dreamy Trudeau Sweater and the Moosin’ Trudeau Sweater, the Hamburger Cat Sweater and the Cat-astrophy Sweater. And all those pizza prints? Damn, Shelfies. You go, girl.

And we are. After moving into all-over-print drawstring bags and fanny bags, seeing a wide success there, we have decided to make bags big and small. They ship fast and have great designs! Here are some of our all-over-print pencil cases, clutch bags, lunch bags, courier bags, and backpacks because, well, we heard you liked bags so we put bags in your bags, dawg.

1. Hot Dog Pencil Case

Hot Dog Pencil Case

You’re in class and lunch has already passed and you’re still hungry. The only solution is to fantasize about eating with our Hot Dog Pencil case. After the year’s done, the insides will be as disorganized and disordered as a real hot dog!

2. Holographic Doodles Pencil Case

Holographic Doodles Pencil Case

Ya, we deal. Got ‘em holographic Yugioh and Pokemon. Store ‘em in our Holographic Doodles Pencil Case for the absolute protection (so as to avoid the trap cards, of course).

3. Time Bomb Pencil Case

Time Bomb Pencil Case

We’d tell you to watch this Time Bomb Pencil Case, but they are going so explosively, there isn’t much room for seconds.

4. Daisy Pencil Case

Daisy Pencil Case

Make art, not war. And the best way to create such masterpieces is to put your crayons into our Daisy Pencil Case. It’s an aesthetic revolution in all-over-print, so why not in your life too?

5. Meow Money, Meow Problems Clutch

Meow Money, Meow Problems

This may be no Snoop Dogg, but the Meow Money, Meow Problems Clutch is worth the two packs and is also known as notorious C.A.T.

6. Emoji Chef Lunch Bag

Emoji Chef Lunch Bag

At Shelfies, our emoji game is so 🔥 that we cook nothing but the finest 🍔, 🍟, and 🌮. Our Emoji Chef Lunch bag brings the inside deliciousness on the outside. Try not to drool!

7. Kiwi Coin Purse

Kiwi Coin Purse

We come from the land down under (a pretty popular song from the 80s), and another name for that land under there is a coin purse. Luckily, our Kiwi Coin Purse celebrates this southern landmass, mountainous as it may be.

8. Pug Coin Purse

Pug Coin Purse

Most don’t choose the pug life. Others puget about it. We prefer to fit both repugnant lifestyles with our Pug Coin Purse.

9. Boom Box Courier Bag

Boom Box Courier Bag

People used to carry boom boxes around to blast music indiscriminately. We’ve evolved since frayed pants and disco shoes, and now you can carry them on in sleek, modern all-over-print courier bags from Shelfies.

10. Goldfish Tank Round Backpack

Gold Fish Tank Backpack

Our Goldfish Tank Round Backpack is more awww than Au (the elemental symbol for gold). Because while there may be plenty of fish in the sea, there is only one Shelfies backpack for you.

So which is your favourite? Let us know. In the meantime, we'll ensure that Shelfies all-over-print bags, pencil cases, clutches, and lunch bags will make the only baggage you carry hilarious and bright.