A Draw Where All Win: Introducing Shelfies Drawstring Bags!

A Draw Where All Win: Introducing Shelfies Drawstring Bags!

A Draw Where All Win: Introducing Shelfies Drawstring Bags!

At Shelfies, the outrageous all-over-print clothing company designed to make you smile, we love packing. We love fast shipping. We love big boxes where we can store your clothes like the Dreamy Trudeau Sweater, that we can reuse, and sometimes, when no one else is in the office, imagine ourselves rocketing around the Universe in them.

That is why our new drawstring bags excite us to no end (really). These packs seem limitless. With so much space, you can even fit space into them (like in our Purple Galaxy Drawstring Bag).

Here are some more suggestions on all-over-print drawstring bags from Shelfies.

1. Carpet Track Drawstring Bag

Carpet Track Drawstring Bag

Carpet Track is a lifestyle. Drive around in the Carpet Track sweater, play around with our Carpet Track foot glove socks, and pack it all back into our Carpet Track Bag.

2. Triangle Illuminati Drawstring Bag

Illuminati Cat Drawstring Bag

THIS IS A MESSAGE JUST FOR YOU. THE ILLUMINATI ARE REAL. THEY ARE COMING. And there is only one hiding spot: in our Triangle Illuminati Drawstring Bag with a cute, cuddly cat for a companion.

3. Coffee Drawstring Bag

Coffee Drawstring Bag

Coffee is a lifeblood here at Shelfies, and our Coffee Drawstring Bag is a celebration of this cup of tirelessness and good, plentiful taste.

4. BatCat Drawstring Bag

BatCat Drawstring Bag

BatCat is the night, the fight, all that is right in the world. Back the hero (literally) with out BatCat Drawstring Bag.

5. Galactic Pug Drawstring Bag

Galactic Pug Drawstring Bag

If there is life on other planets, all of us at Shelfies hopes they are super smart pugs. That’d be doggone beautiful. We’d gift them our Galactic Pug Drawstring Bag, which we also think is doggone beautiful.

6. Alien is True Drawstring Bag

Alien is True Drawstring Bag

UFOs exist. Just throw the Alien is True Drawstring Bag in the air and you’ll start believing in things that are out of this world too. Please catch it on the way down, though. 

7. Donuts Drawstring Bag

Donut Drawstring Bag

Have a lot of sweets to store? Donut worry. We got you with our Donuts Drawstring Bag. Sprinkle whatever you need inside!

8. Monkey Face Drawstring Bag

Monkey Face Drawstring Bag

Did you know that chimps share 98% similar genes to humans? Did you know our Monkey Drawstring Bag is 100% monkey business? Guaranteed to make smile.


There is no reason to draw a line in the sand when it comes to quality versus quantity: Shelfies new Drawstring Bags are both vibrant and spacious!