8 All Over Print Sweaters that Make You Smile

8 All Over Print Sweaters that Make You Smile

8 All Over Print Sweaters that Make You Smile

Sometimes watching Lion King on repeat doesn’t work. You need to feel enormous, huge, as though everything is connected to everything else and the world isn’t going to explode and the sun isn’t going to collide and what about the Universe’s giant, inevitable, and eventual heat death. Oh.

Don’t worry. Relax. Dress up. These nine all over print sweaters from Shelfies will make it all better. They’re snazzy, neat, and remind you that maybe an all over sloth shirt is probably the best we got. Heck, it might even make the Universe a little more warm. 

1. This Holiday Sloth

Christmas Sloth Shirt

Yes - the holidays are overdone. Yes - the music is infectious. And yes - this Shelfies sloth shirt is the most necessary sweater. It’ll keep you hot when the season turns cold.

2. This Cat Surfing Bacon Tank Top

Cat Bacon Tank Top

I like to believe that the world happened for two reasons: to make bacon and to make cats. For once, they have come together as cat bacon in a Shelfies tank top that deserves a big bang of a clap.

3. Watermelons watermelons watermelons watermelons

Watermelon Polo Shirt

Didn’t the header say everything? If not, let this Shelfies watermelon top say everything else.

4. Yourself

Custom Shirt

You read that right. You’re the best you there is. Better than the you five seconds ago certainly. And you deserve a reward for being you. How about this custom shirt from Shelfies, your shirt, you on your shirt? Great for going out and showing you you.

5. This Donuted Scarface

Tony Donuts Sweater

Say hello to my little friend. I imagine you’d want more than a small piece of this donuted sweater from Shelfies, though.

6. This Pizza President

Party Pizza Sweater Shelfies

Politics are often the lesser of two evils, but luckily, pizza is nothing but goodness. Here is a Shelfies sweater celebrating the fact that the only party you’ll vote for is a pizza party.

7. This Dreamy Trudeau

Dreamy Trudeau Sweater Shelfies

Okay, fine, fine. You like politics. You think them more important than ever. So why not wear the feminist-identifying, budget-balancing Prime Minister of our hearts: the dream Justin Trudeau sweater from Shelfies.

8. This Pokemon Go Sweater

Pokemon Sweater Sweater Shelfies

Pokemon Go took over the world, with good reason. Take over the rest of it with this Pokemon sweater from Shelfies. It chooses you. 


The universe is going away but at least it created these beautiful all over print clothing from Shelfies to go out with it in style and smiles.