8 Cyber Monday Products That Have Memes in the Seams

8 Cyber Monday Products That Have Memes in the Seams

8 Cyber Monday Products That Have Memes in the Seams

Meme-speak is its own language here at Shelfies. We don’t believe Pepe is a hate symbol, though he is a hated symbol. And we often have our best picks out for Harambe.

This Cyber Monday is no different. We are having a 30% off sale on all items (except mystery and custom items). This is the rarest of all deals (weswear.jpg).

Here are eight suggestions so that your memes don’t stay dreams.  

1. Joe Biden Ice Cream Sweater

Joe Biden Ice Cream Sweater


After eight years, we’re all Biden bros. But we’ll never love Joe as much as Joe loves ice cream. This Joe Biden Ice Cream Sweater celebrates a love story better than twilight (and, well, almost everything).

2. Evil Kermit T-Shirt

Evil Kermit Shirt

Me: I am happy with myself. Also me: I am nothing without this Evil Kermit Shirt.

3. Confession Bear Sweater

Confession Bear Sweater

We have a confession: we made this Sad Confession Bear sweater especially for you and don’t care if other people won’t like it. We do. You will too.

4. None of my Business T-Shirt

None of my Business Shirt

Most all-over-print clothing wears and fades, but that is none of our business. Shelfies, on the other hand, makes all-over-print clothing that lasts and never peels (like our None of my Business shirt).

5. Arthur's Fist Sweater

Arthur's Fist

For all those times people say Harambe was just a gorilla or that mom’s spaghetti isn’t rappable (or wrappable), we present the Arthur’s Fist Sweater.

6. Legends of 2016 T-Shirt

Legends of 2016 Tee

2016 was a fire dumpster of a year. No one survived, including the part of us that had faith in the world. Let this Legends of 2016 t-shirt remind you of those we lost, but those who are in a better place than this.

7. Great Wave of Cookie Monster Tee

Great Wave of Cookie Monster Tee


Ah, art. The wave of emotion. Humanity’s lasting legacy. The erudite ocean of fra… oh, it looks like a cookie monster. That is hilarious. Our Great Wave of Cookie Monster tee is too.

8. Christmas Sloth Sweater

Christmas Sloth Sweater

Sloth up the tree this holiday with our three-toed little elf: the Christmas Sloth Sweater.


Mondays are universally bad, but this Cyber Monday, spend it with Shelfies and our memes born out of the Internet's electronic wizardry.